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1989: The Year Europe Came Home To Itself is comprised of seven free-standing panels that are three meters long by two and a half meters tall (9 feet by 7 feet). 


All the images are digitally printed onto the panels and are printed on both sides—which means the panels cannot be placed close to the walls but should stand well away from them and hopefully in a well lighted room.


All texts are in English and in German.

The pictures below show how we have used this panel system for other exhibtions in Poland, left, and in Israel. The good news is, since the panels are digitally printed and are not original silver gelatin prints, they can—and should—be placed in public spaces whenever possible and don’t require a secure room or security.

How big is the exhibition?

As you can see in the photo to the right, it can fit in a large van.

How do we set it up?

You need no special tools. We have created seven exhibitions with this panel system—in Israel, Macedonia, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Austria—and for those who would like to have the exhibition, we will send screen shots of where to place the panels. The photos down below show we set it up. You should give yourself a few hours to do it properly.

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