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RBI, the sponsor of this exhibition

All photographs in this exhibition were taken and are copyrighted by me, Edward Serotta. I also wrote the texts, so all errors are strictly mine.

The exhibition was designed by Michael Haderer in Vienna. Thanks to Wolfgang Els for the scans, to Lauren Granite and Jonathan Schwers for copy editing and fact checking, and to Fabian Rühle for translating. The exhibition was printed in Budapest by Kepes Printers.

Special thanks to Michael Höllerer, Ursula Tippow-Nekuda, and Angelika Marinitsch-Galla of RBI. Extra special thanks, as always, to Daniel Kapp.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 10.43.47.png

RBI regards Austria as well as Central and Eastern Europe as its home market. It founded its first subsidiary bank in the region back in 1986, even before the fall of the 'iron curtain'. Today it is represented by thirteen subsidiary banks and numerous other financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. More than 16 million costumers are serviced through 2,100 business outlets in the corporate and private costumer segments as well as in investment banking.

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